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About TechMed Academy

Education for healthcare professionals

The 21st century has been characterised by rapid developments and technological advances. This is certainly true of developments in the healthcare sector. In our fast-changing world – a world of shifting demographics and increasing pressure on our care systems – professional healthcare providers are faced with a host of challenges on a daily basis. Meanwhile, medical innovations and new technologies for patient care are arriving on the scene in quick succession. High standards of training to ensure the continued provision of safe and effective patient care are more important now than ever before.

TechMed Academy offers academically certified and flexible education for a wide variety of healthcare professionals under the banner of the University Technical Medical Centre. Our Simulation Centre, combined with our medical and educational expertise, make us ideally placed to equip healthcare professionals with the skills of the future. 

Why training at the techmed centre?

Our training programmes differ substantially from those of other education providers.
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As a University Technical Medical Centre, we have a unique view of training with a strong focus on the professional and their learning needs. We offer academically certified training and online education, including e-learning modules and MOOCs. We also facilitate customised training programmes for a wide variety of stakeholders by making our facilities and educational expertise available. Our extensive and realistic Simulation Centre provides a state-of-the-art safe space for training with the latest equipment.

  • Train yourself at the TechMed Simulation Centre

    Participants have a unique opportunity to hone their skills in a safe environment thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities at our Simulation Centre. The centre provides a variety of clinically realistic learning environments, including intensive care units, (hybrid) operating rooms, imaging laboratories, and examination and consultation rooms. It is equipped with standard and advanced clinical technology, but above all serves as a flexible environment that can be tailored to specific educational needs in line with our educational vision. Participants are given a safe space in which to make mistakes and learn from them, a process reinforced by direct and impactful feedback. We encourage continuous interaction between practice in a controlled learning environment and applying and refining new knowledge and skills in a clinical context.  

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  • Wide range of training programmes

    We offer academically certified training and MOOCs. In addition, we facilitate customised training programmes for a wide variety of stakeholders by sharing our facilities and educational expertise. Our training programmes are developed in co-creation with the relevant stakeholders. We achieve this through close cooperation with hospitals, the MedTech industry and professional associations in the medical sector, including the Dutch Society for Vascular Surgery. Together we offer a wide range of professional healthcare training to over 500 participants each year, ensuring the highest educational standards while tailoring our services to the learning needs of the user. 

  • Unique vision of education

    Benefit from our specific educational approach with its clear emphasis on becoming an adaptive expert. An approach that focuses on the accurate and safe use of medical technology.

    • Become an adaptive expert: a highly skilled professional who builds on conscious competence and in-depth knowledge of medical technology and the underlying concepts. This kind of professional is able to perform effectively, even in new situations not specifically dealt with in training. We are committed to training professionals with conscious competence.
    • Training through deliberate practice: a method in which participants consciously learn by taking control of their own learning process and determining their own learning needs and individual areas for improvement on an ongoing basis. Through feedback and reflection, we challenge participants to embrace continuous self-improvement and monitor their own development.
    • Our training programmes are flexible and consist primarily of concise modules. They always start with the learning needs and starting level of the learner. Our training integrates theory and application so that what you learn today can be put into clinical practice tomorrow. 


Within TechMed Education, we work closely with a range of organisations and sectors, from hospitals and medical professional associations to the MedTech industry. Our approach to educational development is almost always defined by a collaborative and co-creative design process. Only by involving all stakeholders in a collective design process can the best educational outcome be achieved. Together, we offer a wide range of training opportunities for professionals, with assurances of high quality and optimal relevance to the user’s learning needs and working context.

TechMed Centre healthcare network

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