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Life Long Learning in technical-medical fields is becoming increasingly important.

Technology is developing fast. Therefore, professionals need to keep up with the latest developments. The TechMed Centre is very active in the domain of Life Long Learning through the TechMed Academy.

Broad range of courses

As a university technical medical centre, we offer academic certified courses and MOOC’s, but are also facilitating training programs for a wide diversity of stakeholders by opening our educational facilities and knowledge base. We collaborate with hospitals, medical professional societies such as the Dutch society for vascular surgery and the medtech industry. Together, we offer a broad range of courses for healthcare professionals to more than 500 participants per year, ensuring the highest quality and best fit to user demands. Participants can benefit from the expertise of our highly skilled course leaders, extensive knowledge of technology, healthcare and education, and of course our state of the art training centre.

Wouter Nijhof, scientific partnerships collaboration manager Siemens Healthineers:

"With the TechMed Academy, we want to satisfy the healthcare sector’s need for better education, so medical professionals can work more efficiently and make optimal use of the opportunities technology has to offer."

Personalized Life Long Learning programme

The TechMed Academy develops modular and personalised Life Long Learning programmes for alumni and a wide diversity of health care professionals. These programmes will make usage of the great education and training facilities and the extensive knowledge of education in the domain of technology and medicine. Adults prefer to learn new things and train with the newly acquired skills individually. Since the core of the training is the practical application of the technology, a practical training is of vital importance. Based on these grounds we created a sustainable form of personalized education with a strong base in E-learning, dedicated training assignments and testing in a simulated environment. This form enables the learner to achieve specific predetermined goals in a personal process. To improve the results of professional medical teams, we will offer team-based teaching and learning programs as well. 

Most courses take place within our TechMed Simulation Centre at the University of Twente. The simulation centre has state of the art facilities, like high tech hybrid OR’s, simulated Intensive Care Units, human physiology and medical imaging labs, e-health house and other hands-on (simulated) training technologies.



M.E. Hahnen - Florijn (Marije)
Programme manager Lifelong Learning @ TechMed Centre