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Climate change, energy transition, aging population, and the impact of AI on our work and lives offer just a glimpse into the important and complex challenges we face as a society. Science and technology present exciting opportunities, yet solutions that work today may bring new challenges in the long term. What’s more, what succeeds in one context may fail in another.

In this time of transition, making strategic decisions that contribute to positive changes in the world around us is essential.

This requires a transformative approach where people from various disciplines and with different backgrounds, life experiences, and expertise work together. This effort is also known as transdisciplinary collaboration.


In order to shape desired futures, DesignLab has developed the Responsible Futuring approach. Since 2020, we have been applying this approach in education at the University of Twente and (international) partner universities, as well as in workshops and masterclasses for companies and governmental institutions.

At DesignLab University of Twente we bring together scientists, professionals from business, artists, policymakers, citizens, designers and innovators to explore possible futures together. We engage in projects that inspire us to take action and envision desirable futures, each contributing from their unique perspective and expertise, to contribute to our society today and for future generations. Would you like to join us in making a difference?

DesignLab Academy
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At DesignLab Academy, we deliver a collaborative and exciting learning experience that leaves a lasting impression and helps you to embrace forward-thinking and transdisciplinarity. Our creative and interactive workshops and masterclasses are though-provoking and inspiring, and will equip you with design-oriented tools. Using the Responsible Futuring approach, you will learn skills not only to tackle today's challenges but also to shape futures that are desirable and responsible.

We offer 1-day workshops and 2-day masterclasses in Responsible Futuring that individuals can sign up for. Each edition focuses on a different topic. We alternate between the themes of climate & sustainability, innovation & health, and the digital society. Are you looking for a program to future-proof your own organization? Check out our incompany offer.

Upcoming Workshops & Masterclasses

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Are you a professional, innovator, change-maker, policymaker, futures thinker who wants to make an impact? Ready to map out different futures, experience what this means for your organisation now and tangibly share it within your network? And do you want to jointly create an interactive and creative environment in which we explore and learn from each other? Participate in workshops and masterclasses at DesignLab Academy.



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