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Service Portal Project (2019-2021)

The Pilot version of Services Portal is launched around 1 July 2020 with the aim to combine all internal products and services for employees in one spot.

This page gives more details about the current (beta version) project, the reasons for initiating it and the future plans. 

URL Service Portal

Starting 1 July 2020, the pilot version of the Service Portal is live:

Documentation for users and admins

Service Portal documentation is available on > Communication > Websites. Here is the direct link.

Combining different initiatives

This Service Portal project combines different initiatives at the UT, all with the same goal: improving findability of internal service information for employees:

  • An initiative by LISA (Library, ICT Services and Archive) to improve their department's website (
  • An initiative by the ET faculty to improve their intranet with ET specific and UT general service information
  • An initiative by UCB (directors of service departments) to make important UT topics (cyber safety & privacy, integrity, etc) easily accessible
  • Improving the UT wide service ABC (NL: that had been set up in 2017, coordinated by MC (Marketing & Communication)

All these individual proposals have been merged into the Service Portal project as they all intend to reach the same goal. The new Service Portal will, therefore, be a new central starting point for all internal employee information. Members of the pilot:

  • LISA (service department)
  • MC (service department)
  • ET (faculty)

Aim of the project

In the old situation, we see UT (faculty) members struggling to find internal information because the information for is spread over different locations:

  • UT service department websites (,,, etc) for  support information
  • Employee portal ( with UT wide news/events, specific news for your unit and web applications
  • Intranet of your faculty of service department with specific content for your unit (Human Resources, Financial, Facilities, Research Support, etc)
  • ....

Therefore the aim of this project is to create one central starting point to find information for employees: the Service Portal. When looking for information, in the improved situation

  • the provided services should be accessible through one central spot
  • no matter if intranet or not
  • no matter if unit-specific or UT wide relevant
  • accessible through a search engine that combines all sources
  • visually recognisable as internal information and
  • information should be sorted in a smart way to present unit-specific information on top when the user of a certain unit logs in.

What did we do?

A simplified version of what we did so far and what the Service Portal offers starting 1 July 2020:

  1. We designed the new Service Portal
  2. We imported all about 700 items from the old UT wide Products & Services catalogue but rearranged the main categories for a better overview: from 60 to 18. 
  3. LISA and MC (pilot members) deleted their former website and added all information (4000 additional pages) to the Service Portal categories. News/events also moved. 
  4. We made sure you can see the specific LISA/MC info if you want to: a filter has been added to show all products and services offered by a specific service department (just like in the old products & services catalogue).
  5. Static information was limited to contact details and organisation information, basically one page. 
  6. Main categories were enriched with quicklinks/banners to make sure that 75% of the visitors can find their information with two clicks without diving deeper into categories.
  7. We introduced the topics section, a collection of UT wide topics that get updated regularly. Updates are displayed in the Service Portal, you do not need to visit the website of the topic to check.
  8. Personalisation was applied (that's why we ask you to log in):
    1. Relevance in categories: Lists of categories or items may be presented in a different order based on your employment
    2. Relevance within pages: Content in pages may be displayed in a different order based on your employment or building
    3. Visibility: Full pages or paragraphs within pages may be hidden based on your employment
  9. We improved the search engine (which is basically Google search + 30 other sources like Osiris, UT YouTube account, Pure, etc) by adding a personalised intranet search engine: search results are different for each user, based on which pages you are allowed to see.
  10. The bookmark feature allows you to bookmark items, categories, news, events but also lets you create your own categories, sort and rename items. (You cannot add own bookmarks outside the Service Portal yet.

Directly after the launch, we will add internal ET faculty information to the 18 categories we defined. 

Please note

In this phase, we already moved thousands of pages. It will take some more time (at least the whole summer) to improve all pages we have moved and personalise where relevant. Therefore we ask you for your patience.


Phase 1: Pilot with LISA/MC: LISA and MC move their sites to the new Service Portal by 1 July.

... CFM in moved to the Service Portal in October 2020

... ET will follow directly afterwards (partly realised)

... some additional features/fixes are planned in 2020: improved mobile version, page not found melding vs. you have no rights notifications, improving the styling of pages, using the right area next to the text for content overview and other banners, lots of other technical features in the background, etc.

Evaluation period: After this pilot, we will add an evaluation period and probably another usability research.

Phase 2: Add other units and new options: Expected to start May 2021 (until December 2021)
Content part: move employee information offered by other service departments and faculties to the service portal;
Technical part: (1) add web applications, (2) improve/add personalised UT wide news/events (like employee portal), (3) add smarter workflows for editors/content owners.

Contact and feedback

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the project members below or send an email to We value every type of feedback (positive or negative), by email or using the feedback options on the website:  

Subproject per unit