Student Wellbeing

Attending university or moving to a new country with a language you don’t speak yet has been challenging enough already before COVID-19. This is why we established the Student Wellbeing project. In this project, we work on increasing the accessibility to information about student wellbeing and mental health available to UT students. We are also planning a workshop for UT students to help plan their road ahead for their personal challenges.


Connecting students, startUps, mentors, and alumni of the UT in one place. Provide the perfect environment to kickstart your idea, and find interdisciplinary collaborators. 


European Meetup

Every year, UIF Twente organises a meetup during the CuriousU summer school festival. The student-driven meetup focuses on entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation.

Bursting the Bubble

Enabling non-locals at the UT to identify with the city, so that they can gain a sense of belonging and enrich their experiences in Enschede during their student time.


Campus App

In collaboration with MediaLab (Marketing & Communication), ICT, and LISA, we are looking into how to implement a system to collect data on all events around Campus.

Twente-4 Hours Global

During this 24-hour worldwide event, 18 universities, Strategyzer, ECIU & KLM gave inspiring workshops. Next to the interactive workshops, there were small breaks in between with mini-games for participants to get to know other participants and make new and lasting connections.

Three speakers in each event get precisely 12 minutes to captivate and inspire you. Immediately after that, the clock is all yours - you have 12 minutes to ask questions.

Moonshot Meetups

The Moonshot Meetups were five interrelated workshops in which students developed together with UIF and DesignLab a student vision of the UT in 2030 by following design thinking methods. After providing the students with some inspiration, they formed groups of 3-5 students. Each group focused on a topic of their choice and prototyped their vision of it. Topics discussed were student activism, education, sustainability, internationalization, campus, etc. in 2030 at the UT.

Keep Talent in Twente

Based upon results from research done by University Innovation Fellows Twente, now the project has been taken over by another working group. They are working on various aspects to Keep Talent in Twente. More information about the multiple initiatives they have established can be found here.


In case you have any questions, then you can contact us via or reach out to one of our active Fellows. We're happy to help!