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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing Project ‘Are you okay?’

Attending university or moving to a new country with a language you don’t speak yet has been challenging enough already before COVID-19. This is why we established the Student Wellbeing Project. In this project, we work on increasing the accessibility to information about student wellbeing and mental health available to UT students. 

As a result of the project, we organized a workshop for UT students to help them plan their road ahead for their personal challenges. Moreover, together with the Student Union and the Student Wellbeing Improvement Programme of the UT, we launched the ‘Are you okay?’ campaign. The goal of the campaign; supporting and empowering students to share their personal challenges and asking for help when needed! 

Take a look at the Student Wellbeing web page of the UT view to find all wellbeing-related information! Or view the Youtube video series created as a part of this project!

Want to know more about the Student Wellbeing Project ‘Are you okay?’, get in touch with the team or send an email to contact@universityinnovationfellows.nl!