Moonshot Meetups

Shaping 2030

Solar cells and wind energy, big data or simply smartphones - today it's impossible to imagine a world without these technologies. Imagine: where will we be in 10 years?

In 2020 the University of Twente finalized its new strategy for 2030, Shaping2030. UIF wanted to gather student input for this strategy and to discuss together how students see the future of the UT; In our ever-changing world we are facing new challenges every day - but how can we tackle the challenges of the future?

What should the University of Twente change, improve or focus on during the next ten years? 

The Moonshot Meetups were 5 interrelated workshops in which students developed together with UIF and DesignLab a student vision of the UT in 2030 by following design thinking methods. After providing the students with some inspiration, they formed groups of 3-5 students. Each group focused on a topic of their choice and prototyped their vision of it. Topics discussed were student activism, education, sustainability, internationalization, campus, etc. in 2030 at the UT.

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