UTUIFEuropean Meetup

Program Overview


Do you want to leave your mark? Do you want to learn what change is and be able to identify opportunities for change? Throughout this course you will discover and develop your ability to execute viable change, through developing a skill set of relevant tools. We will help you learn how you can become a change agent and leader of innovation and impact. Within an interactive educational setting and through workshops, you will develop skills for your future and master the art of executing change with peers from all over the world.

With changes happening around us every day, we need to be able to deal and cope with these situations in order to thrive. Problems are becoming more and more complex as technology is rapidly evolving, which requires a different approach in thinking, identifying, designing, and implementing solutions to these complex problems. Not only learning these skills is important, but being able to effectively teach these skills to other people and spread the message might be even more crucial. This course offers you a series of sessions that address not only skills required to recognize and execute viable change, it will also teach you the ins and outs of design thinking that will allow for a step-by-step process of approaching complex projects and problems.

The next UIF European Meetup, Leaders of Innovation and Impact, will be a 5-day, student-driven experience of a lifetime! The European Meetup is organized as part of CuriousU, a European Summer School with an international taste. The program will take place in August 2022. More details will be revealed soon! Can't wait for August 2022? Get even more excited with the after movies of the last four meetups, from 2018 to 2021!

Course aims

During this course you will experience different, active, learning methods:

These methods will help to guide you through the course. At the end of the course you are able to:


Are you doubting whether this course suits you? Check out the following requirements:

  1. English language competencies and active speaking and comprehensive skills (min. C1 CEFR)
  2. Being comfortable with talking in front of a crowd (preferably)
  3. Being comfortable with public interactions (preferably)
  4. You want to have fun and do something meaningful this summer! 

Course registration

Do you want to participate in the Leaders of Innovation and Impact only summer course? That's awesome! The registrations for the program will open soon. We will make sure to keep you updated.

Do you already have some questions? Feel free to send us an email at contact@universityinnovationfellows.nl. We're always happy to help!