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Sustainability Dialogue

Sustainability dialogues

A series of dialogue meetings among different stakeholders within the university. Representatives of the Strategy and Policy, Marketing & Communication, Sustainability & Development and other university departments are involved in this dialogue. Next to those, university associations and independent organizations, such as the GreenHub, and political parties, such as the Green Rebellons, are all involved in the process.  

The dialogues cover different topics from sustainability in education, sustainability operations in the university environment etc. The outcomes of the dialogue will provide the university with a fertile background on how to adjust their sustainability values and practices. The UIF of Twente supports moderation of the process by developing the event processes, connecting the participants with the topics of interest and reporting on the outcomes of each event.  

At the same time, the fellows network with other important stakeholders within the University ecosystem and receive feedback on the sustainable adjustments expected from the university students and the professionals.

Take a look at the Sustainability Dialogue web page of the UT view to find all the related related information!