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Innovate Your Education MSc. course

Innovate your education

Innovating our educational system and the educational content is something that both students, professors and institutions as well as the society as a whole care about. As an entrepreneurial university, the University of Twente has set innovation in education in the center of its operations, by creating events on building new creating ideas, entrepreneurial and negotiation trainings, taking part in the European Consortium for Innovative Universities and much more.  

Following this tradition and culture, the University Innovation Fellows of Twente got also involved in developing a course that would promote this innovative mindset for educational purposes even further. More specifically, the fellows supported to build the course Innovate Your Education, which aims at preparing future educators and educational scientists to work on more innovative ideas and teaching methods. The course is part of the Master track of the faculty of Educational Science and Technology, and it will take part for the first time in 2024.  

The UIF Twente together with professional educators and educational analysts, as well as faculty members and policy and strategy representatives build the project proposal which received a 15000 funding for the development and finetuning of the content of the course, until the of the project.