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Sustainability Thinktank

Sustainability thinktank

The collaboration with GreenHub, a green office at the University of Twente, brought together a unique project aimed at introducing design thinking to students interested in sustainability. The three-week event gave non-active students the opportunity to contribute to the university's sustainability goals while promoting their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

During the sessions, students worked in groups to develop innovative solutions to real problems faced by policy makers at the university. An executive board member was part of the jury at the final event and provided insightful feedback to the students. 

The project presented challenges the university currently faces and encouraged the students to think critically and creatively about sustainable solutions they would like to see implemented.  

The ideated solutions developed during the project were practical and innovative, providing actionable steps to implement change at the university. The project also helped to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and encouraged more students to get involved in such initiatives. 

The event was a great success, inspiring both students and staff to think more deeply about sustainability and may have even led to the beginnings of a start-up.