University Innovation Fellows

Think-tank acting independently but in cooperation with the Executive board and the rest of the University of Twente

The University Innovation Fellows (UIF) of the University of Twente are a remarkable group of students that have all completed Stanford's UIF program. This program empowers students around the world to become change agents in higher education. 

Our team

Left to right, top to bottom: Arian Hohmann, Sevim Aktas, Titus Venverloo, Rianne Hagen, Wim Kamerman, Mélanie Droogleever Fortuyn, Suhaib Aslam, Marthe Oldenhof, Julian Sotscheck, Kaz Middelhoek, Anıl Özen, Anja Dömer, Hizirwan Salim, Alejandro García Navarrete, Can Erel, Edo de Wolf, Gleb Podorozhnyy, Jessica Haak, Lena Marie Assink, Lisa Veldman, Tra My Nguyen, Rick Akkerman, Satwik Kritika Krishna, Simon de Schaetzen, Thyne Scholte

   Sevim Aktas                                                                      


Left to right, top to bottom: David Goedicke, Elisabeth de Vijlder, Jos van 't Hof, Lennart van de Velde, Marjanne Luinstra, Sarah Roediger


ongoing projects

European Meetup

We're organizing the University Innovation Fellows European Meetup during the summer of 2019! The meetup in 2018 was a great success, and we are already planning the next one. Check out this page for more information about the 2018 meetup, and information about the registration for 2019!

Keeping Talent in Twente

"Stop talking about the talents!
Start talking with the talents!
Stop taking decisions for the talents!
Start taking decisions with the talents!
And give them the same stage you are standing on!
Give them the recognition they deserve!"
- University Innovation Fellows UTwente

The educational institutions in Twente are becoming more and more attractive: each year hundreds of young talents come to the region for their study. Twente does not only excel in talent development, it also offers many opportunities for the future of talents as professionals. The number of job openings in the region is also increasing.

Nevertheless, the regional development is facing a matching problem. Many of the young talents are less inclined to pursue their career and life in the region. National, as well as international students, chose to leave Twente after graduation. This is why we started KTIT, to find the reasons why talent leaves this region.

Scope of Research

Our survey investigates the input of 454 students from all educational institutions on their perception of the region, what they find attractive and what hinders them to stay here. In the investigation we focussed on four areas of interest, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

The outcomes are supported by alumni research 'Behouden van Hoger Opgeleiden in Twente' conducted by Claase Consultancy (2017).


Let's unite forces and avoid creating new initiatives. The UIF team can support you in the follow up on the results to steer initiatives in the right direction. We can help the region become its full potential.

  • create a personal connection by engaging with the students in projects during the study:
  • awareness & outreach of job opportunities
  • local Bedrijvendagen - support small businesses to be at student events
  • facilitate basic requirements to start-ups to stay here when they want to scale up
  • “I left because my partner could not find a job here” - also job offerings in non-tech related sectors are important
  • more varied housing possibilities for young professionals - also want to live in shared houses since that is cheaper and cozy
  • next to job offerings, make sure that cultural offerings/ activities are diverse and international
  • not only a job is decisive for staying here after graduation, a city also needs to have diverse cultural offerings and activities

Want to be part of the solution? Apply now to become part of the Keeping Talent In Twente Think Tank

Innovating Higher Education

We are starting up a new project related to innovating how the University of Twente teaches. As active and engaged students we strive to make education equitable and accessible by using user centered and student driven education models. We also believe in learning by doing as educational experience are more meaningful in real-world contexts! Interested to help us out? Send us a message:


We're moving towards a more international university. We asked ourselves how we might be a pioneer in internationalisation by looking at three perspectives: education, housing and activism. We connect people that can make a change and share best practices with other universities. 


You can reach us at Please send your message in English!

Your idea

If you have an idea, a suggestion or would like to leave some feedback behind, feel free to share your thoughts with us: