University Innovation Fellows

Think-tank acting independently but in cooperation with the CVB and the rest of the University of Twente

The University Innovation Fellows (UIF) of the University of Twente are a remarkable group of students that have all completed Stanford's UIF program. This program empowers students around the world to become change agents in higher education. 

Our team

Left to right, top to bottom: Arian Hohmann, Sevim Aktas, Rianne Hagen, Wim Kamerman, Suhaib Aslam, Marthe Oldenhof, Julian Sotscheck, Kaz Middelhoek, Anıl Özen, Anja Dömer, Hizirwan Salim

   Sevim Aktas                           


Left to right, top to bottom: David Goedicke, Elisabeth de Vijlder, Jos van 't Hof, Lennart van de Velde, Marjanne Luinstra, Mélanie Droogleever Fortuyn, Sarah Roediger, Titus Venverloo


ongoing projects

European Meetup

We're organizing a 4-day University Innovation Fellows European Meetup during the summer of 2018! Check out this page for more information on the event, organization, registration and more!

Keep Talent in Twente

In cooperation with the Gemeente (municipality) we're working on keeping talented students in Twente after graduation. 


We're moving towards a more international university. We asked ourselves how we might be a pioneer in internationalisation by looking at three perspectives: education, housing and activism. We connect people that can make a change and share best practices with other universities.


The 2nd cohort found the need for an increase in clarity of extra-curricular opportunities open to students on campus. However, they soon discovered that a comparable initiative is already underway, being led by career services and the student union. The university is working with the company Jobteaser for this initiative, which is a website hosting a network of companies offering jobs and internships to students at universities worldwide. Once this platform is implemented and successful on campus, we hope to add opportunities from the university such as student team, research assistant, and project vacancies.

Landscape Canvas

During the UIF training, every cohort must update their campus’ landscape canvas, which is a comprehensive overview of all innovation and entrepreneurship activities taking place on campus. At the UT and in the region, such an overview has shown to be very sought after and valuable. Therefore, efforts need to be made to format this overview in a more clearly structured manner than the excel sheet for training. Once complete, this overview will act as one of our think-tank’s value propositions which we could use as a revenue stream.


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Your idea

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