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UnionCard/CampusCard for sports

Unioncard and campuscard

In order to participate in Courses or Group Lessons, you must have a CampusCard (employees and external staff members) or a UnionCard (students).

Cancellation policy: For all our customers we have a cancellation policy.


Students can purchase a UnionCard online and at the Service Desk of the Sports Centre. After purchasing the UnionCard, students can also purchase a supplement ‘FitnessCard and group lessons’. After payment has been made, this supplement is added to the student card. Students can also register for a course or group lesson with the Service Desk in the Sports Centre. Go to Full Sports to see which sports you can do.


Students of HBO instutes of the Netherlands have other prices as University students. The prices for HBO students can be found here. As a HBO student the association fee is €60 for a year and €33 for a halfyear. HBO students can only purchase the association fee at our Servicedesk. 


For the University of Twente it is important that employees work with enthusiasm in a healthy environment and carry out their work in a healthy way. UT employees can get a CampusCard online and at the Service Desk of the Sports Centre. For employees the CampusCard is free, when activated there are a lot of sportfacilities available, like the fitness center and the swimmingpools. After getting the CampusCard, employees can also add a supplement ‘Group Lessons Card’ (this card is also free). After this supplement is added to the CampusCard (= employee card) they can participate in Grouplessons. They can also register for a course online or at the Service Desk in the Sports Centre. It's possible for them to participate in a lot of sports. They can join sportassociations, participate in company sports, participate in group lessons and courses and use the fitness Centre. For an overview go to Total Sports.

Other customers 

Everyone can do sports on the Campus of the University of Twente. To participate in courses, group lessons or individual sports it is necessary to have an active CampusCard. All information on the CampusCard for external staff members can be found online. External staff members can purchase the CampusCard at the Service Desk in the Sports Centre. Go to Total Sports to see which sports are available.

If you are seeking a groupactivity, we can offer you trainings, workshops and clinics. Themes of these activities would include sports and exercise and will be done in close collaboration with qualified teachers, trainers and sportsassociations. Click here for more information.

If you are interested in renting any of our accommodations, please contact the Sports Center.


Group lessons are provided throughout the year (except during fixed UT vacations, public holidays and isolated occasions on which the Sports Centre is closed). In order to participate in group lessons you must have a UnionCard (students) or a CampusCard + group lessons Card (employees and external staff members).

We have four periods  in a year. A full overview of our courses is available online and a timetable of our courses and grouplessons can be found in our flyer. Our courses have a maximum of participants so it's best to be quick to register for a course. 

Mailing list

You can put your name on the mailing list in order to keep up to date on the latest news about courses and group lessons (cancellation of lessons, new courses and/or alterations). Click here to go to the mailing list. This mailing list will be used if a class is canceled, new sports offers, changes of class and other news items.