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Videos: YouTube, Vimeo (Facebook, Instagram...)

Videos are used for different types of channels. We share best practices for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram.


Tips for creating videos for social media

To be added.

Submitting your video for the UT channels

If you have a high quality video about research or education at the UT, it might qualify for being placed on the UT YouTube/Vimeo account. Please submit the following information to onlinemedia (a) 

  • Video file (use for example
  • Title of the video
  • Short description
  • Primary language
  • Subtitle files (English, but you may also add a separate Dutch file)

Subtitles in videos

Most people are not able to turn on their sound when they watch video's on Social Media because they keep the sound off in the office or during a train/bus ride. Therefore it's important to add subtitles to all video's. YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook let you upload separate files for subtitles, but in Instagram they need to be included in the video. There are two options:

Type subtitles in YouTube

Upload a video to your own YouTube account (if you have a google/gmail account then you also have a YouTube account). In the video settings, ....

Download the subtitle file for reuse in other channels: upload them in Facebook and Vimeo. Please note: by default you get a sbv file in YouTube, but the example file below is a srt file, also one of the options.

Upload a subtitle file for YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook

All three channels have the options to upload a separate subtitle file, even in different languages. User can choose their language in the video.