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23 September 2021

We hereby invite you to participate in our second Software Carpentry workshop. Software Carpentry workshops are organized at the University of Twente by 4TU.ResearchData in collaboration with UT Library, the Data Stewards, and the UT Digital Competence Centre (DCC).

A Software Carpentry is a hands-on, four-half-day workshop (online due to COVID measures) that covers the core basic skills needed to work with reproducible code.

The workshop covers task automation with Unix shell, version control with Git, basic concepts of data management, and an introduction to Python programming. This is an introductory course aimed at researchers who have little to no prior programming experience.

The workshops will take place October 11st , 12st , 13th & 14th (09.00 - 13.00 hrs.).

  • Monday October 11th, Unix shell
  • Tuesday October 12th, Python
  • Wednesday October 13th, Python
  • Thursday October 14th, GIT/Github

For more information and to sign up, please go to our event page.

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