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Research Data Management - Student's edition

22 September 2021

Research data management is a crucial part of research and is related, among others, to data storage, sharing, documentation, processing, and archiving. For students RDM is important because it will help to safely store data, so nothing gets lost. It prevents unauthorized access to data and helps to keep track of the work that has been done so far. RDM saves time finding data, it improves the quality of work and decreases the chance of errors. That is why RDM is important.

Check out this presentation about research data management for students:

Want to know more? Also check our 5 online micro-lectures:

RDM - 1 - How do I get your data

RDM - 2- How do I use your data

RDM - 3 - How do I trust your data

RDM - 4 - How do I build on your data

RDM - 5 - What am I allowed to do with your data J. Brands (Judith) J. Brands (Judith)
Information Specialist & Research Data Steward

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