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Course on Handling Personal Data in Research now available for UT staff members

11 May 2021

Privacy in research is a hot topic nowadays. Are you up-to-date on your knowledge about what you need to think of when it comes to privacy in your research? Register for the Handling Personal Data in Research course to make sure you are! This course, which is open to every UT staff member, will help you understand the range of perspectives needed to build and demonstrate compliance with privacy regulation in research.

The course is provided to you via Canvas and everyone can register via self-enrolment. Just follow the link to the course and get started! In this course you will be stimulated to reflect on the knowledge and competencies you need to fulfil your role as a professional. After completion of this course, you will be able to ask the right questions regarding the risks and measures to safeguard the rights of participants in a research project.

To be a responsible researcher requires an active approach to data protection. In this course you follow a student who learns with a multi-disciplinary group of friends WHY and HOW to use the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in research. You will learn how a multi-stakeholder data protection impact assessment (DPIA) can help you build data protection into your research design.


For more information about this course you can contact the UT Data Protection Officer.
For general questions about research data management you can contact the data steward or research support coordinator in your faculty.
For guidelines on the protection of personal data in research, visit the UT privacy website.

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