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Winner of the ORCID New Year’s Lottery announced

4 February 2021

In January, the University Library launched a New Year’s Lottery to promote the use of an ORCID iD. On February 1st, the winning numbers were drawn from the 350 ORCID ID’s of the participants. Among the winners of the smaller prizes are participants from each of the five faculties, while the grand prize – home delivery of high quality coffee for one year -  went to Dr. Mehrshad Mehrpouya who recently started working as an assistant professor at the Department of Design, Production, and Management (DPM) at ET faculty.

When asked about the value of having an ORCID iD as a researcher, Mehrshad noted that “ORICID iD is a unique digital identifier that can connect us to our affiliations, publications and awards, so it effectively can distinguish each researcher around the world. In other words, this platform increases the discoverability of you and your research outputs”.

From this we might conclude that having and using an ORCID iD - maybe even more than free coffee – helps to make life as a researcher just that little bit easier! Interested in creating an ORCID iD and adding it to your University of Twente researcher profile? Follow the steps on the ORCID-page and consult the Information Specialist of your faculty in case of questions.

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