10 May 2022

New Template Corporate Powerpoint Presentation

IT’S IMPORTANT TO COMMUNICATE IN A WAY WHERE THE RECEIVER KNOWS THAT IT’S FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE IN A MATTER OF SECONDS. also, The use of PowerPoint has changed in recent years. From physical presentations to online and hybride presentations. Therefore, we have updated the corporate powerpoint template. You can find the template here (login required).

More space for content and ease of use were the starting points for the template update. We’ve added more options of content slides like a video slide, a diversity of photo slides and intro/closing slides with our without motion. The slides are available in three colours: white, black and dark grey. The colour dark grey is new and added because this colour is more friendly for the (digital) eyes then the black in our house style. The design is in line with the templates from the new website, corporate video and for the new Do-It-Yourself-video.

To help you on your way, a short instruction of how to use this template is included and where to find most used options. You can find them on the first three slides of the presentation. If you have any questions, please contact Traffic. 

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