2 November 2021

Update of UT website layout

In the course of December/January, the various sub-websites within utwente.nl/*** will be provided with a new website layout. The UT will not receive a completely new template, it is a major update of the current layout that had been launched in 2016. For website administrators, there are no major updates in administration. Almost all functionalities continue to work the same way.

Why this change?

The Marketing & Communication web team regularly conducts surveys among website users and analyzes the behaviour of website visitors on the site. Certain points for improvement have emerged from this. A number of improvements, such as clear names for menu items, fewer pages or clear names of links, have to be solved by the website editors in de various UT departments. Many small changes have been made in recent years, with at least one template update every month. However, we believe that some points discovered during the usability research can only be structurally improved with a more drastic template adjustment.

What will change?

Here are the main changes, including the corresponding improvement in bold:

  1. Indicate context to increase awareness of a user's current location and to clarify what adjacent layers (one higher and one lower) have to offer.
    > Menu on the left shows two layers for viewing higher/deeper levels.
    > One clear path at the top of the site instead of two partial breadcrumbs:

  2. Clarify the home of a particular sub-site.
    > Force 'Home' button in the menu of any subsite.

  3. Menu items should no longer be links.
    > Creating direct links in the menu is no longer possible: file type is no longer available.

  4. Improved anticipation of different screen sizes and growing screen formats
    > The text area will be 180 pixels wider, but not too wide to keep the text readable.
    > Special elements ('widgets') in the text area do no longer have a fixed width but scale variably, depending on the width of the screen to better fill the screen.
    > Images in the header are resized so that heads are less likely to fall out of the picture.

  5. More Logical User Interaction:
    > Search engine no longer in the menu bar, but top right.
    > Language switch (if applicable to multilingual sites) no longer under the menu bar, but at the top right.

  6. The login status of visitors is always visible to improve understanding of why you can or cannot access certain intranets.
    > Indication of whether or not logged in in the top bar (to follow soon, therefore marked red in the image above).


We will apply the new template step by step for all more than 1000 websites of research departments, study programmes, projects, etc. The about 100 BMS websites are the first on the list. All website editors will be contacted when their site is transformed. This will take a couple of months. If you want your site to go first, please contact us!


If you have any questions, please contact onlinemedia@utwente.nl.

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