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Correct use of UT logo

19 January 2021

Newspaper ads, clothing, email signatures, research reports, presentations and even obituaries: the University of Twente logo is used in numerous places. However, it is not always used the correct way: employees reuse old files from their computer or download an old logo using Google. We would like to inform you about the correct use of the UT logo.

Recognisable and consequent

As a university, we find it important to be recognisable and consequent. For this reason, we have said farewell to our old Dutch version of the UT logo. Since 2016, we only use the English logo 'University of Twente'. In a Dutch written text, you may still use Universiteit Twente as a name, but in any case, the logo will be in English.

DOWNLOAD the current version

You may download the current version of the UT logo on our house style website. The logo is available in various formats. Here, you will also find the guide on how to use the logo, and you can download all current templates in which the logo and house style have been applied correctly.


If you need any help in designing any publication online or in print, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Traffic support desk.

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