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Service Portal pilot project to go live

21 June 2020

From 1 July the new UT Service Portal will go live as a phased pilot project. The aim of the Service Portal is to finally offer all supporting information for employees in one place and to improve the findability of internal service information.   

Who will participate in the pilot phase? 

The beta version of the Service Portal includes: 

  • All information (Services ABC and website) for Library, IT Services and Archive (LISA) and Marketing & Communication (MC) as of 1 July; 
  • Internal service information (ET intranet) for employees of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology (ET) - after July 1. 

What about the other services and faculties? 

As the Service Portal is based on the existing UT-wide Products & Services website (, the new Service Portal will also contain the information of those other services already included. However, this information is limited, which is why, apart from LISA and MC, all services will maintain their own websites for a while. After the evaluation of this pilot, a decision will be made whether they will be included in more detail in the Service Portal. The faculties also have internal products & service information for employees, and it is hoped that the Service Portal will incorporate them as well. ET has taken the initiative and is therefore participating in the pilot. 

Why this project? 

We have observed that the large amount of information available for employees is difficult to search because: 

  • each service department has a separate website; 
  • faculties have additional information on intranet pages; 
  • the structure of the websites is very complex; 
  • UT-wide subjects, such as integrity, cyber safety, long term housing strategy, etc. often have a separate project/thematic sites that are difficult to find as time passes; 
  • information is sometimes on protected pages and therefore cannot be found. 


This Service Portal project combines different initiatives at the UT, all with the same goal: improving findability of internal service information. Besides that it offers the following advantages: 

  • It looks visually different so that you as a visitor know that it concerns internal information; 
  • The information is personalised. You will immediately see the information that is most relevant to you. (Think of contacts from your faculty or information for your building shown at the top of a list). 


The step by step planning is: 

  • As of 1 July, MC and LISA will go live, then ET immediately after that; 
  • Evaluation of the pilot; 
  • Then two tracks after positive evaluation: 
    1. Incorporating other services and faculties; 
    2. Continued technical development of the Service Portal so that more and more other systems offering employee information can be integrated. 

More information 

On the service portal topic page, more information about the project can be found. Do you have any questions regarding this project? Please contact us via

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