WebHare (website CMS): documentation and support

WebHare is the content management system (CMS) for UT websites. 

For website editors:

Website request

See our documentation website www.utwente.nl/webhare (intranet) > Website/webspace request for available URLs and templates and other webspace options.


Users with editor rights can login using webhare.utwente.nl. To get an account, let one of the current editors of a certain site send an email to onlinemedia (at) utwente.nl.


See our documentation website www.utwente.nl/webhare (intranet) > Courses for an overview of available courses, all free of costs.

Documentation/manuals UT template

See our documentation website www.utwente.nl/webhare (intranet). The site contains information about

  • Standards and agreements (NL/EU legal requirements and UT policy)
  • All features for the UT template explained (inline components, widgets, navigation, header, footer)
  • News and events (NEO application)
  • Web forms in WebHare
  • Other special apps we use in WebHare, related to the UT website

My favorites

About My Favorites
Use the Bookmark this page button on Service Portal pages to add that page to the My Favorites section. To add web applications, use the star icon in the webapplication list. To add pages outside the Service Portal, use the Add custom bookmark button above. Add your favorite apps to your bookmarks by using the favorite button

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