4 April 2023

New Video Platform

Great news! We are partnering with YuJa and their Enterprise Video Platform to provide our students with high-quality video and media content. After a thorough assessment of the requirements and wishes of our customers, we entered into a European tender in which we evaluated the solutions of multiple suppliers. The main focus was on good implementation within our learning management system Canvas. UT has chosen YuJa.

YuJa will replace the current Vimeo platform and provide all the basic tools that we currently use. With YuJa, we can take advantage of various useful tools, such as recording and editing functions, live streaming of courses and events, video editing, and much more, all on one secure platform.

In the coming months, we will implement YuJa and phase out Vimeo. All video materials will be transferred to YuJa, and links in WebHare and Canvas, among others, will be replaced. Our goal is to have this fully completed before the start of the new academic year. We will, of course, keep you informed of the progress through the news portal.

We look forward to a pleasant collaboration with YuJa and expect to be able to offer our teachers and students even better learning experiences with this. You can also view the announcement of this partnership on YuJa's website.

On behalf of the YuJa project group,

S.P.L. Cassé MA (Sebastiaan)
S.P.L. Cassé MA (Sebastiaan)
Guest Supporting Staff

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