9 November 2022

FAIR Data Fund 2022 Autumn call for applications opens October 4th.

The FAIR Data Fund is organized by 4TU.Research Data, and offers researchers an opportunity to apply for financial aid to cover the costs of making their data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (The FAIR principles). 

The maximum financial contribution is €3.500 per applicant. 

Researchers and research projects from TU Delft and the University of Twente are eligible to apply for the fund. The Spring call for applications opens on the 4th of October and ends on the 15th of November 2022. Applicants will be notified of the outcomes by the 5th of December.

Useful links:

All the files should be emailed to FAIRdatafund@4tu.nl.

 What efforts can be funded?

The 'FAIR Data Fund' is for data that has already been created and is not for the creation of new data. It is intended for situations where no other resources are available to make the data FAIR. 

Examples of activities that can be funded by the FAIR Data Fund:

  • Identifying and implementing appropriate metadata standards to make data FAIR
  • Generating (meta)data documentation or adding relevant documentation to datasets
  • Anonymisation or aggregation of confidential data to make them publishable
  • Shifting from a proprietary to open data format to make data interoperable 
  • Creating compelling data visualizations or other materials to make datasets more accessible and reusable
  • Promotion activity of a FAIR dataset that aims to increase its impact and reuse. (For example, delivering a presentation about the FAIR dataset and 4TU.ResearchData at a conference). 


Please read the eligibility criteria below before submitting your application. 

  • Only researchers from 4TU.ResearchData partners, TU Delft, and/or the University of Twente can apply.
  • The research dataset to be FAIRified must have been collected/created in affiliation with TU Delft and/or the University of Twente.
  • Applicants should present a detailed description of activities needed to make the dataset FAIR with a budget estimation (a budget template will be provided). 
  • If this includes the hiring of assistants the applicant must provide details of the required hours per task and hourly cost. 
  • Applicants should indicate an estimated deadline by which they expect the process of making their data FAIR will be complete for follow-up by 4TU.ResearchData.
  • The dataset(s) have to be deposited in 4TU.ResearchData.
  • Applicants should agree to have an interview with a staff member at 4TU.ResearchData to have their application and research data showcased on the 4TU.ResearchData community website and social media channels.
  • Applicants should provide 1-2 sentences describing their application which will be published on the 4TU.ResearchData community website and social media channels.
  • To promote diversity, successful applicants (or their research groups) are not eligible to re-apply for three years from the time of their funded application.
  • Other resources (financial, or in-kind) are not otherwise available to make the data FAIR 

The full details of the FAIR Data Fund including instructions for applicants, the online application form, and a downloadable budget template are available on the 4TU.ResearchData website. 

For more information on how to apply, contact Alessandra Soro (a.soro@tudelft.nl), or contact

Z. Öztürk PhD (Zafer)
Z. Öztürk PhD (Zafer)
Data Steward, FAIR Data
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