4 October 2022

We are Looking for Helpers for the Software Carpentry Workshop to be Held in November 14-17th!

During the workshop, we will need a few people to help out in case learners run into problems or get stuck. Helpers answer questions and help learners work through things like installation problems, error messages, and unexpected output. You do not need to be an expert in the tools we are covering, just to have used one or more of them and be comfortable helping people troubleshoot.

At this workshop, we are planning on covering Unix shell, Git/Github and Python. If you are interested, you can see the materials for Unix Shell, Git, Python , and the rest of the curricular materials here

For more information on the course schedule: Course finder CTD: UT courses for employees | University of Twente (utwente.nl)

For helpers it is possible to help on all dates or it is possible to choose one of these dates. 

Helpers from PhD candidates will receive ECTS credits from TGS!


Want to know more, please contact Zafer Öztürk.

Z. Öztürk PhD (Zafer)
Z. Öztürk PhD (Zafer)
Data Steward, FAIR Data

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