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New Release: Virtual Research Environment (VRE)

12 July 2021

When you need to perform computer calculations during your research and you are unable to run these on your own system, the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) can be a good solution.

Library, ICT Services & Archive (LISA) has been offering the VRE for several months now. The VRE provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to acquire, set up, and manage digital workspaces with flexible and scalable infrastructure for simulations and computations.

For more information and support, see this link or you can visit the VRE-Portal directly.

After evaluation with a number of researchers, additional features were requested. A new release of the VRE is deployed last week with various fixes and features.

What major improvements have been implemented in this new release:

  • New software templates 
    In addition to Windows VMs, you can now also create Linux VMs in your workspace based on a ready to go template
  • New hardware options
    More extensive hardware options are possible, with systems with up to 120 CPUs, 458 GB Memory, and also different type of GPUs (Nvidia Tesla P100 and V100 CUDA compatible)
  • Additional storage options available
    The ability to add additional storage types (GB/TBs of SSD/HDD) to your VM in your workspace.

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