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Notebook project 2021 - 2022

10 June 2021

For every student at the University of Twente, a notebook is nowadays almost indispensable. You will need your notebook for communication with others, collecting information, making calculations and drawings, performing simulations and even taking exams.

For students of the University of Twente it’s been a concept for years. Students of all UT courses use their own notebook for their education and rely on the services of the Notebook Service Centre. UT students, therefore, are expected to have a notebook suitable for our learning environments. One part of our services is the annual Notebook Project.

In our project we select notebooks (Mobile workstation / Ultrabook / MacBook Pro 16 Inch) of which we can guarantee that they are conform the requirements of the UT. Additional benefits: competitive price and excellent service by the Notebook Service Centre.

The Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro 13 Inch can be bought through our Notebook Project for a reduced price, but are not recommended to use for our educations.

The new standard notebooks are selected for the coming academic year. The chosen brand for this year's notebooks is:


UT students and employees (private use) can choose from 2 models:

More information about this can be found on the website of the Notebook Service Centre.

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