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Open Science Community Twente kicks off

14 January 2021

Open Science (OS) is on the rise and will change the research landscape in the next years. The Open Science Community Twente (OSCT) is an inter-disciplinary, bottom-up community to promote, learn, and discuss OS practices such as Open Access and Open Data. OSCT kicks off on 28th January with an online event.

The goal of OSCT is to make OS the new norm. Although the main target groups are researchers, PhD candidates, and students from UT and Saxion University, “the community is not built for researchers only”, says co-founder and Open Science Officer for ITC Markus Konkol. Everyone who is involved, for example, in policies or teaching, and would like to know more about OS is invited. The OSCT provides a space where people interested in OS can come together, and ask questions or look for support.


The online kick-off event will take place on 28th January at 14:00. During the first meeting, participants will get more information on what an OSCT is and what the plans are, for example, regarding the upcoming Open Science Kitchen events. “Because OSCT is a bottom-up community, participants can bring in any ideas they have in mind”, says Markus. Of course, this will also be a nice opportunity to get to know each other and the connections of the participants to OS.

Join the online kick-off event of OSCT on 28 January at 14:00h

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This link goes to a Microsoft Teams meeting and will be active when the event starts

More information

Potential members can fill in an online form to join the community. No matter if you have little or expert knowledge about OS, everyone is welcome to help shape the research landscape to be more open and transparent. “Just come with an open mind and be curious about the broad spectrum of OS topics”, concludes Markus.

K.W. Wesselink (Kees)
K.W. Wesselink (Kees)
Communication Officer (available Mon-Fri)

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