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New five-year agreement between University of Twente and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

8 January 2021

The new agreement lets corresponding UT authors publish open access at a 100% discount in journals and conference proceedings that are published by ACM.

The University of Twente entered into this new agreement with ACM as of January 1st, 2021. The agreement lasts until the end of 2025, and comprises both reading and open-access publishing of both journal articles and contributions to conference proceedings published by ACM.

Reading and open-access publishing

The new agreement covers reading rights for UT authors and students. On top of that, corresponding UT authors* who get their paper published between 01-01-2021 and 31-12-2025 in one of the ACM journals or conference proceedings get the option to publish it open access at a 100% discount. Papers that are accepted in 2025 but published in 2026 are also eligible for open-access publishing at the 100% discount.

* For the publisher, the corresponding author is the author who submits the article to the journal or conference and who corresponds with the publisher during the publication process. Only this author can receive the discount. To be eligible for the discount, it is very important that you use your UT email address when you submit your paper to an ACM journal or conference.

UT Journal Browser

It will take a few weeks before the discount will show up in the UT Journal Browser. For a walkthrough of the Journal Browser, see ‘How to publish Open Access for free as a UT author’ on

Any questions? The information specialist of your faculty will gladly help you.

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