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Maximum number of free open-access articles in Springer journals almost reached

30 October 2020

Corresponding UT authors have been able to publish open access in Springer’s OpenChoice journals at a 100% discount, thanks to an agreement between the Dutch universities (VSNU) and Springer. However, the discount applies to a maximum of 2080 articles per year for all Dutch universities combined. This maximum will probably be reached by the beginning of November. If your article gets accepted for publication in a Springer OpenChoice journal after the maximum has been reached, it will no longer be eligible for the discount. If your article is accepted in 2021, the discount will apply again.

How can I tell if my article is eligible for the discount?

If you log into the Springer portal after having received your article-acceptance email, you will see one of the two screens below. 

  1. If your article is eligible for the discount, you will see the following screen [make sure to select ‘University of Twente’]:
    If you see this screen, select ‘continue’ (red arrow in the screen shot): Your article will be published open access at no cost to you.

  2. If your article is not eligible for the discount, you will see the following screen [make sure to select ‘University of Twente’]:
     If you see this screen, only select ‘yes’ if you are certain that your research group can pay the cost of open-access publishing in full. If your group cannot cover these costs, click ‘continue’ underneath ‘no’ (red arrow in the screen shot) to publish your article closed. In that case, we recommend participating in the VSNU project ‘You share, we take care’ that lets you open up the final published version of your article in UT Research Information six months after its first online publication. If you’d like to open up your publication this way, please contact the information specialist of your faculty.

If I submit my article to a Springer OpenChoice journal now, will I receive the discount?

If your article gets accepted in 2021 for publication in a Springer OpenChoice journal, then it will be eligible for the full discount again, as long as the maximum number of open-access articles for that year has not been reached.

For more information about the Springer workflow, journals covered in this agreement, and eligibility, visit the UT Journal Browser. Search for “Springer” or for terms in journal title and scope, and select journals based on discounts for UT authors. To find out how to receive the 100% discount, click on a journal’s title and select ‘more information about this deal’. In any case, use your utwente email address when you submit your article, and make sure that your affiliation on the article contains ‘University of Twente’.

More information

Do you have any questions about publishing open access, or would you like to open up your closed publications in UT Research Information? Please contact the information specialist of your faculty.

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