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Planzelf gives UT employees (users of Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Exchange) the opportunity to open their agenda to a certain extent for third parties. Third parties are students in this case, but they can also be external relations. These third parties are then given limited access to the agenda of the employee and can make a proposal for an appointment. Appointment requests from colleagues or from third parties look identical. This also applies to the settlement of the agreements.  

  • Description

    Planzelf is an appointment system in which a third party (e.g. students) can easily make an appointment with an employee of the UT.  The employee who wishes to use Planzelf can register via this link in the LISA Self Service Portal. Then an account request is started, which is assessed by the Planzelf administrator after submission. The employee must record his availability for third parties in Planzelf. This availability is made accessible via a link to a unique web page, which the employee can make known to the third party. The third party can submit his appointment request via the web page.

    This product is intended for UT employees who have frequent contact with students and/or persons outside our organization.

  • Cost

    This product can be used free of charge.

  • Availability

    Employees can sign up for using Planzelf the LISA Self Service Portal:

  • Support

    Manuals are available for support. For additional questions or issues, please contact the LISA Service Desk.

  • Manuals

    Manuals are available through the Planzelf Self Service Portal.

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