22 February 2023

Tax benefit on sustainability investments in 2023via the Optional Model employment conditions

As we announced in early January, UT has decided to offer employees a tax benefit for sustainability investments for their homes through the Optional Model for Employment conditions.

In 2023, employees can submit their investment(s) in making their homes more sustainable via the Optional Model. The investment(s) must regard energy-saving measures and meet the criteria listed on the Nationaal Warmtefonds website. The following criteria will in any event apply:

  • The costs must have been incurred after
    1 January 2022;
  • It must be possible to submit an invoice;
  • The tax benefit can cover a maximum of EUR 5,000 over a period of 5 years and a maximum of EUR 1,000 annually;
  • Salary components and leave hours can be used as sources.

Please refer to the Optional Model for Employment Conditions brochure for more information.

Applications can be submitted via MyHR from 22 February onwards.

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