15 September 2021

Collective Labour Agreement pay rise and lump sum in September

Pay rise

As a result of the new collective labour agreement CAO-NU, staff salaries have been increased by 1.64% with effect from 1 July 2021. You will receive the pay rise retroactively in the month of September. With effect from 1 January 2022 there will be a further salary increase of 0.36%. The total pay rise is therefore 2%.

One-off lump-sum payment

It has also been agreed in the collective labour agreement that employees who were in the University’s employment on 1 July 2021 will receive a one-off lump-sum payment of €650 gross in the case of full-time employment. Part-time staff will receive this payment pro-rata. You will also receive this payment in the month of September. You can find your salary slips in MyHR/Afas or in the Afas pocket app.

Do you work as a UT-flex student? The amount of the lump sum is based on the average number of hours in the months of March, April and May 2021. You will receive this lump sum payment in the month of October. You can find your salary slips in UT-flex on the employee portal

Expense claimants, on-call staff, interns, pupils and staff earning a minimum wage - youth or adult - (including staff with an occupational disability working in the framework of the Participation Act) are not eligible for the lump sum. Staff members on youth scales will receive the lump sum pro-rata based on their scale. For staff members receiving a Wajong benefit, the lump sum may be withheld if this is in the interest of the staff member concerned.

Minimum wage

The minimum hourly wage for the university sector increased to €14 with effect from 1 July 2021. The rise will be paid retroactively in September. This rise has an effect in particular on salary scales 1-6 and the Student Assistant scale, or at least on the lowest levels of those scales. The statutory minimum wage remains in force for staff who fall under the Participation Act; the TOIO scale remains in force for PDEng students.

Note: The wage increase may have consequences for any benefits such as rent, healthcare and/or childcare benefit. Therefore, please check whether this applies to your situation.

The new salary scales can be found here.

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