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Adjusted Participation Compensation Scheme for Participation

7 July 2021

The Participation Compensation Scheme has been updated. The changes apply retroactively from 1 January 2021. This means that supplementary payments can be made. These supplementary payments will take place in August at the latest.

The new scheme now also provides a bonus for employees who are a member of a program committee. In addition, compensation for the organizational unit of the faculty of which an employee is a council member has been added to the scheme. This was already included in the regulation for the organizational unit of members of the university council.

For employees who are members of a program committee, it has been stated that the commitment of these employees to the study program committee must be budgeted in the total teaching capacity. A starting point has been included in this regard. The service directors also have to budget the deployment of employees in the service council on the basis of the scheme.

The HR department of the units will be informed of the changes in the scheme via the Payroll Coordinator.

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