4 November 2021

University of Twente Disputes Committee

The University of Twente Disputes Committee was inaugurated exactly one year ago. The members of this Disputes Committee are experts in their respective fields and are not affiliated with the University. This article explains the circumstances under which you, as an employee, are entitled to approach the Disputes Committee. 

At the University of Twente, we believe it is essential to work together to create a community in which everybody can feel secure and comfortable. We are taking various steps to achieve this. One of these steps is that, as prescribed by the collective labour agreement, we have developed a specific disputes procedure for the University of Twente based on the more general disputes procedure for Dutch universities. This new system came into effect on 1 November 2020. As an employee of the University of Twente, this means that you can ask the Disputes Committee to consider any dispute involving employment law.

Under what circumstances can you approach the Disputes Committee?
Employers and employees usually have good working relationships. Nevertheless, in the working environment, questions concerning the employer-employee relationship regularly arise. These questions may ultimately trigger disputes. Of course, it is always best to discuss such issues with your manager first. If that approach fails to resolve the issue, you can submit your dispute to the Disputes Committee.

The Disputes Committee is authorised to issue rulings on the following topics:

  • assessment interview;
  • your job description has been changed, and you object to this;
  • if you are refused promotion to the job scale;
  • the allocation, refusal, withdrawal, or repayment of study facilities;
  • if you are refused permission to perform ancillary activities;
  • adherence to agreed salary arrangements and implementation of the Optional Model described in the collective labour agreement (CAO) for Dutch universities;
  • adherence to agreed leave entitlements.

If your dispute does not involve one of the abovementioned topics then it cannot be submitted to the Disputes Committee. If that is the case, then another body may be able to help you resolve your dispute. For details click here.

Independent Disputes Committee
The Disputes Committee has been established as part of the disputes procedure and consists of an independent chair and regular committee members. These individuals are experts in their respective fields and are not affiliated with the University. They are tasked with investigating and resolving disputes. The Disputes Committee will present its recommendations concerning the dispute to the Executive Board, which will ultimately reach a decision on the matter.

Do you wish to submit a dispute?
If you are involved in a dispute, you can submit it within six weeks of the date of the decision to which the dispute with your manager relates. Disputes must be submitted by email to geschillen-hr@utwente.nl. There are no fees associated with submitting your dispute. If you seek legal advice, you will have to cover any costs involved yourself.

Further information
The University of Twente’s disputes procedure and the website provide further information about the Disputes Committee and the procedure itself.
University of Twente Complaints Procedure
More info you will find here.

If you have any further questions, please contact Veronika Trifunovic, secretary of the Disputes Committee by email at v.trifunovic@utwente.nl or by telephone on 7899, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

More information on the steps being taken as part of the House of Integrity 

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