Leaving the Netherlands

Upon expiry of the residence permit and when leaving the Netherlands, the following steps must be taken:

  • deregistration from the personal records database of the municipality in which you live. You can deregister by going to the Civil Affairs Department of your municipality; 
  • If you have any other insurances i.e. health insurance or  subscriptions i.e. mobile phone, you need to terminate those; 
  • You must return your residence card to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). You can send your document to: 

      IND Bureau Documenten
      P.O. Box 7025
      8007 HA  Zwolle 

What to do if your residence permit has expired and you plan to return to the Netherlands

If your residence permit has expired when you plan to return to the Netherlands, then you must apply for a return visa. You can make an appointment at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service for this. You must have already submitted an extension application to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service on applying for a return visa.

Administrative costs will be charged for this application. You can find the costs charged in the Overview of Charges from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

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