26 July 2022

Progress work on Spiegel building facade

The analysis of what caused the storm damage to the glass façade of the Spiegel building has now been completed. It has become clear that it is necessary to re-attach all the glass panes and the frames.

Therefore, the glass panes must be removed from the façade, the frames need to be fortified, after which  the panes need to be mounted again. This will be done in several phases.

In order to guarantee safety and access to the building during these activities, the entire glass façade will be covered by a safety net. The safety net will be installed shortly. Until then, the scaffolding and fencing around the building will remain in place. We do not yet know when the work on the façade  will start. This will be planned after the construction industry holidays. As soon as we have more information, an update will follow through the Service Portal.

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