7 July 2022

Checklist ordering and payment process during your holiday

The summer vacation is about to begin. Do you order products or services through Proactis or do you have to approve requisitions and invoices? Please check the following carefully so that the ordering and payment process is not delayed during your holiday:

  1. Register leave in AFAS
    This ensures that your substitute(s) automatically receive the requisitions, invoices, but also expenses, advances and travel cost from the first day of absence.
  2. Check the presence of substitutes and delegates (if applicable)
    If the substitute is also absent during the period of absence, another substitute or an extra substitute (max. 2) can be set in GKS. For the approval of requisitions and invoices up to € 2,500 ex. VAT, an (extra) delegate can be added if necessary.
  3. Delegate receipt registration and the evaluation of invoices
    In connection with the payment of invoices, it is important that these two actions take place on time in Proactis. Buyers register the receipt of orders and have to evaluate invoices, when no receipt has yet been registered or when the invoice amount deviates from the order amount (outside the margins). In Proactis it is possible to delegate these tasks to another Proactis user (with buyer rights).

More information

On the website of the Procurement department you can read more about the approval process of requisitions and invoices in the absence of an approver and about delegations in Proactis. If you have any questions about this information, please direct them to our Front Office P2P staff. They can be reached at p2p@utwente.nl or at 053-489 7676.

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