16 February 2022

Road construction works intersection De Zul - Boerderijweg as of 21 February

As of Monday, 21 February roadworks will be carried out on the intersection De Zul - Boerderijweg by Lansink Wegenbouw. This message provides a brief explanation of the works.

Explanation activities

The intersection will be converted into a plateau. This means that the entire structure will be broken up and new yellow paving materials will be applied. The plateau will be raised to increase the safety. The work will start, if the weather conditions are good, on Monday, 21 February and will last approximately three weeks.

Our working area (shaded red) and the detour (red line) are shown below in figure 1:

Figure 1: current situation where the detour is indicated in red.

Traffic towards the Boerderijweg can use the temporary detour route through the car park (P1). Traffic to the U Parkhotel, High Tech Factory and Campus 053 can also use this detour. Please make use of the Hallenweg and De Zul. The driving route is shown above in figure 1 with a red line.

At the Zul and Dienstweg are some buildings situated; UT buildings; Hogedruklab (8), Garage (5), Seinhuis (7), Paviljoen (6) en NewMotion Charging Station. These buildings will remain accessible. Please make use of the Hallenweg and De Zul.


If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact Andre de Brouwer.

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