26 October 2022

Developments O&O Square

With the renovation of Langezijds for the arrival of the ITC faculty, a good connection of the building to the O&O square is needed. In 2021, landscape design agency Lodewijk Baljon was commissioned to make a site design. For the UT, a green park-like environment, a clear connection with the O&O square and good accessibility of the Langezijds building were of importance in the design.

In addition, the Kop van Langezijds is now also being renovated and this area has an important role for the recognisability of the main entrance to our campus. These elements have been included in the final design that has now been completed.

In the meantime, preparations for the redevelopment of the square have been carried out, such as the connection of Langezijds to the existing infrastructure and the introduction of district heating, cooling and sprinkler pipes and the electricity supply.


The design includes a number of key features:

  • A green park-like environment with new and existing trees and good access to the new entrance area.
  • Direct connection to the O&O square including water feature and connection with the Oude Drienerloweg.
  • A private transport access for Langezijds and a few parking spaces for disabled people and permit holders.
  • A meeting place/outdoor workplace is included in the design in a new oval at the entrance of Langezijds.
  • The artwork 'de Kronkel' comes from the ITC on Hengelosestraat to the O&O square.
  • Between Hoge Druklab building and Langezijds there will be additional lockable and covered bicycle parking facilities for employees and additional double-layer bicycle spaces.
  • To compensate for placing the storage in the forest at the Hoge Druklab, extra trees will be planted on the forest side of the Hallenweg.
  • The 'Kop Langezijds' will have a recognisable entrance area by using decking and pavement in extension of Langezijds building. 
  • Where previously it was possible to park cars on the west side of Citadel /Ravelijn, this will no longer be possible in the future. Additional double-layer bicycle parking facilities will also be provided here.

In the future, it is desirable to make the O&O square as bicycle-free as possible, because of the appearance, but especially because of good accessibility for emergency services. The bicycle traffic on the square makes the buildings less accessible and a solution is being sought for this.

Time schedule

  • The final adjustments to the new speed bumps and 30 km zone intersection entrance O&O square are now being completed.

  • In the fourth quarter of 2022, the realisation of the O&O square Langezijds adjustments will start from Technohal/Gallery side. This will last until mid-2023.
  • In the third and fourth quarters of 2023, the site for Kop Langezijds will be completed after the construction work there has been completed.

More information

Additional real-estate and campus developments can be found on www.utwente.nl/en/ltsh

The above information is an intended decission of the Executive Board and will be discussed for consent with the University Council in December of this year. 

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