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In 2021 electric rental cars for business travel

2 December 2020

As of 1 January 2021 the UT has a new car rental agreement with supplier Munsterhuis. This agreement has been realised by means of a European tender.


Sustainability was an important criteria in this tender. From 2021 Munsterhuis will offer the UT hybrid and electric cars for rental. Rental of vans that run on petrol or diesel will still be offered.

Test drive

Do you want to test drive before you rent an electric car? That is possible! Together with Munsterhuis, the Purchasing Department organises a morning/afternoon to familiarise UT'ers with electric driving. Send an email to Hilda Emmerich if you want to take part in a test drive. As soon as a date is known, you will be informed.

More information

Go to the Car rental item in the Service Portal. Here you will find, after the new contract has taken effect, all information about renting a car for business travel. For example, where charging poles are located on campus and fast charging poles in the Netherlands, an instruction on the use of an electric car, etc.

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