ET Research Support Team Members

  • As Research Support Team of the faculty of Engineering Technology, we provide demand-driven support for our research staff. Topics we can provide support on range from increasing personal branding, to increasing the success rate in funding schemes, to providing assistance in project preparation & execution. More information about our services can be found here.

On this page, you will find an overview of team members and their expertise. In case you are not sure who to contact for support on your specific question, please send an email to research support officer ET: Jolanda Hilgers

M.C. Kamp (Maria)
M.C. Kamp (Maria)
Manager Research Support ET

I am a manager research support for the faculty of Engineering Technology. In this role I am responsible for efficient, effective and demand-driven research support. In addition, I support the Faculty Board with matters related to the development of policies on research support.

ing. P. Lasker (Peter)
ing. P. Lasker (Peter)
ICT Accountmanager for ET

I am your point of contact for advice on all ICT related questions that are not related to the usage of standard offered ICT facilities. Some examples that I can support you with are:
- Dedicated computer and software solutions for research purposes.
- Different computing solutions: from a powerful PC to cloud computing.
- Different storage solutions: from UT storage to cloud storage.

ir. L. van Ewijk (Luuk)
ir. L. van Ewijk (Luuk)
Information Specialist

As Information Specialist for the faculty of Engineering Technology I am the link between the faculty and the University Library. I support researchers on subjects such as, publishing, finding & acquiring literature, research impact & visibility, and copyright.

I teach Information Literacy in the Bachelor's programmes of Engineering Technology.  My lectures are always adapted to a specific module or project. I aim to help students find, access and judge sources of information and use this information in a responsible and correct manner. A.H. van den Boogaard (Ton) A.H. van den Boogaard (Ton)
Full Professor / Portfolio holder Research ET
  • Representing ET Research in the UT-wide University Council on Research and outside of UT
  • Aligning UT and ET research policy with activities of the Research Support Team
  • Taking Board responsibility for activities of RST
  • Establishing the ET research strategy.
M.M. Emmerich MSc (Maarten)
M.M. Emmerich MSc (Maarten)
Grants Advisor

I work as a Grants Advisor at the SBD-Grants Office and I am the point of contact for the Faculty of ET for anything related to grants. I can advise, guide and support you during the funding acquisition process.

Do you have a research project idea, but are you not sure which grant to apply for?

  • Are you considering to apply for a grant or are you already busy writing a proposal?
  • Or are you perhaps just in need for some general advice on research grant funding acquisition?

 Then please feel free to get in touch with me!

drs. J.G.M. van den Elshout (Janneke)
drs. J.G.M. van den Elshout (Janneke)
Press officer/Communications Advisor

I am your point of contact for:

  • Press contact for faculty ET
  • Preparing, writing and distributing press releases concerning organizational and scientific news
  • Content creation, both online and offline
  • Supervising media requests
  • International media
  • Event management
A.M. Klijnstra (Anne-Marie)
A.M. Klijnstra (Anne-Marie)
Research Support Officer Faculty of Engineering Technology

As Secretary to the Ethics Committee Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences, I will do my best to answer any questions about ethical aspects in research. As Privacy Contact Person (PCP) for ET, I am also the first point of contact for questions regarding the GDPR in research.

For the time being you can also contact me if you have any questions about the registration of your publications in PURE.

I have a lot of experience with the preparation of self-study reports, and other aspects of the research assessment proces so you may come accross my name if you are involved in this.  

ir. M.H.B. Rupert (Marike)
ir. M.H.B. Rupert (Marike)
Coordinator Company-U
V.R.J.R. Wanningen MSc (Victor)
V.R.J.R. Wanningen MSc (Victor)
Research Data Steward ET

Hello, I am the Research Data Steward for the Faculty of Engineering Technology (ET). In the intersection of research, collaborative ICT (cloud) solutions, and Research Data Management (RDM) policies, I support researchers managing their research data. As the Research Data Steward, my role is to assist researchers improving their Research Data Management (RDM) practices during research projects and after their research has been published. As such, I am your first point of contact for advice and support related to Research Data Management (RDM).

For instance, you can reach out to me when:

• You would like to receive feedback on a Data Management Plan (DMP) or a data management section of a grant proposal.

• You need advice about ICT (cloud) solutions for storing, archiving, and sharing your research data.

• You need assistance to update and/or implement the Research Data Management (RDM) policies of your research group.

• You have other questions related to Research Data Management (RDM). J.D. Kamminga PhD (Jan Dirk) J.D. Kamminga PhD (Jan Dirk)
Manager Business Relations

Working on collaborative research, strategic framing of proposals, research strategy, and both internal and external relations, I am striving to improve the visibility and impact of the Engineering Technology faculty.

You can contact me for support on the organization and framing of large interdisciplinary research initiatives, strategic partnerships and other initiatives aimed to improve our impact and visibility.

A. Bonenberg - Zwijnenberg (Annemarie)
A. Bonenberg - Zwijnenberg (Annemarie)
Research Support Officer

As PURE faculty manager you can contact me if you have any questions about the registration of your publications in PURE.

J.J.E. Hilgers (Jolanda)
J.J.E. Hilgers (Jolanda)
J.J.E. Hilgers (Jolanda)
Supporting Staff

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