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The University of Twente is committed to managing its records effectively and efficiently, in all formats. It does so in order to meet legal and regulatory requirements, to protect the rights and interests of its staff, students and stakeholders, to meet best practice standards, and to continue to maintain the organizational memory of the University. The Cultural Heritage Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science supervises the care of our archival collections.

The Executive Board has established several policies on archiving. These policies are relevant for every team and employee at the university. We advise how these policy documents should be translated into your business case.  

Record management regulation ut 

The university’s record management is bound by rules. The most important one is the Record Management Regulation UT 2019. This regulation is a translation of the Dutch laws and regulations for those in charge of record-keeping within our university. 

Selectielijst Nederlandse universiteiten

Dutch Universities agreed on the Selectielijst Nederlandse Universiteiten, which is an important part of records management. This scheme is a practical tool for protecting the organisation’s interests by ensuring that records are kept for as long as they are needed for business purposes, and are disposed of, if necessary, in a correct and secure way in line with legal and regulatory requirements. Based on this scheme, LISA has created instructions for committees, chairs, faculty boards, and student associations. Please contact a Record Manager to get some help to understand this document and apply it to your specific situation.


The most far-reaching form of digital working is to say goodbye to paper. The UT has a set of rules that allow paper documents to be replaced by digital reproductions, called the Replacement Manual. We would like to explain the Replacement Manual in an interview. In the application procedure, the set of appointments shall be tested for your day-to-day operations and whether the process meets the requirements of replacement. 

Transferring your Archives

Archival documents of departments, both paper and digital, can be transferred to ADM. For instance, archives which are not often consulted for business operations of if a university or faculty body or a unit, council or committee is dissolved. These archives are still important for future accountability and evidence. Records must be in a good, orderly and accessible condition. In order to manage the transfer, we have a procedure. In a personal interview, we explain it to your specific situation. 

Website Archiving

The website of the University of Twente is also archived, not only from the possibility of liability but also from the point of view of digital sustainability and cultural heritage. For this purpose, a contract has been concluded with a partner specializing in this.

The agreement provides for a daily archiving of the general website of the UT and the related (sub)sites using the format www.utwente.nl/***. The archived website of the UT can be found on http://utwente.archiefweb.eu


During time, Archive staff have written a number of manuals for specific collections (only available in Dutch). It attempts to explain archival principles and practices and intends to help you as an employee in small archives. Of course, we can provide more general advise on a wide range of records issues including advising on records retention and helping to identify long-term archives among your department’s paper and digital files. For further details, please see the specialists section on our contact page.


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