Purchase of hardware

LISA provides products and services to the University of Twente (and/or divisions thereof: faculties, service departments, directorates, student associations, study associations etc.).

Order hardware

In addition, LISA in certain cases also supplies products and services to organisations which are not a part of the University of Twente. In that case it may be possible that the VAT is payable in addition to the listed price/rate.

For more information contact the LISA Account Manager.

  • Description

    LISA supplies the following equipment to the University of Twente: desktops, notebooks, monitors, tablets, (smart) phones and telephone sets for business use.

    For desktops, notebooks and monitors it is possible to lease or privately purchase this equipment from LISA.

    For tablets, (smart) phones and telephone sets it is only possible to privately purchase the equipment.

    Whether the equipment will be purchased or leased will be determined at the level of the unit as a whole: The Director of Operations of the faculty, the service, the directorate etc. will come to an agreement about this with LISA.

    This agreement will subsequently be implemented through a mutual collaboration of this unit and LISA.

    Lease of equipment

    If it is the case that the unit leases the equipment from LISA, the staff of this unit will not have to order the equipment themselves.

    Starting from 1 November 2013, the following units have agreed upon replacing the equipment in accordance with the lease model:

    • Directorate Human Resources
    • Centre for Educational Support (effective from 1 January 2014)
  • Purchase of equipment

    The staff of a unit has the option to purchase equipment through a self-service portal.

  • Costs

    Additional information on the costs of the various hardware can be found at self-service portal. When applicable, these prices/rates include the VAT (21%) owed.

  • Delivery

    As a result of the most recent European Tender, the company Scholten Awater will be the supplier of notebooks, desktops, monitors and all mobile devices as per 30 April 2018.

    The desktop computer, the notebook and the ultrabook offer better specifications at a lower price.

    The warranty period of the desktop has in addition been extended to 4 years (from 3 years).

    The new monitor is bit more expensive, but then it also offers an IPS display panel and a presence sensor, as well as a warranty period of 5 years (from 3 years).

    The desktop computer, the high-end notebook and the ultrabook are equipped with the newest, so called 4th generation chip sets. This means that all these models went into production very recently and are not yet fully available.

    LISA expects to be able to start with delivery of these new computers from the first week of December.

    In the context of the European Tender this has been a deliberate choice in order to be able to start with a standard which will be current for at least a year. For staff who require a computer sooner the LISA will, by mutual agreement, come to a temporary solution.

  • Support

    For support, use the self-service page and the manuals.

  • Additional information

    Warranty settlement (RMA)

    The desktop and the notebooks will be supplied with a license of Microsoft Windows. LISA will install the operating system.

    Please contact the ICT Service Desk for additional information about the RMA settlement (warranty settlement) of defective desktops, notebooks and monitors.

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