Lost and found: hardware/devices

Lost and found information carriers (USB sticks, portable hard disks, telephones, etc.) are regularly handed in to LISA. It is often not clear who the owner is. Reading out digital media leads to risks of computer intrusion and can damage the privacy of the owner.

This policy concerns only objects that store data, it doesn't concern lost and found clothing, wallets, etc. Such objects are dealt with at the C&FM Service Desks in the buildings.

When a lost and found object is handed in at the Service Desk ICT, the item will be registered. The finder can leave the object or only report the finding. The object is safely stored at LISA.

Lost and found information carriers can also be handed in at the C&FM servicedesks of the buildings. They are stored there until a fixed day in the week, after which the information carriers are transferred to LISA. This is because most people visit the nearest servicedesk shortly after losing something.


A USB stick or other data carrier without further functionality is only examined for external characteristics such as stickers. These data carriers are NOT read.

Laptops, tablets and telephones will be switched on to see if the owner can easily be retrieved. These items will not be connected to LISA equipment!

The research is carried out by the Service Desk ICT.

If an owner emerges from this investigation, she/he will be approached. If the owner cannot be retrieved, the item is stored.

Storage period

  • Data carriers are stored for 3 months.
  • Equipment with a value <= 100, - Euro is stored for 3 months.
  • Equipment with a value> 100, - Euro is stored for 1 year.

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