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GitLab is a collaborative environment with version management suitable for software development (DevOps). Examples include project planning, source code management, CI/CD, monitoring and security.


Primarily an environment for managing versioned data (in particular software source code). GitLab has been designed as a tool to the ‘git’ version management tool;

  • Provides a practical graphical interface for access to the most commonly used ‘git’ functions;
  • Provides a very flexible ticketing and issue-tracking system which makes GitLab a suitable tool for project management as well;
  • Is offered through the UT infrastructure (both for processing and data storage). A backup of the entire environment is created daily;
  • 10GB data area per user;
  • Must be accessed via the Web and is suitable for mobile devices as well;
  • Cannot be used offline;
  • Not suitable as a tool for collaborating with external parties (non-UT);
  • eduVPN is not required.


GitLab can be accessed via


A project site can be created using GitLab. You must be registered as a UT employee to be able to do so.


GitLab support through LISA is limited. LISA is mainly focused on keeping the services operational. The end user is, therefore, recommended to consult the GitLab documentation before use. It contains descriptions of the most relevant topics. 

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