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Department coffee card & coffe jug keys


The Douwe Egberts coffee machines offer a free variant for employees, operated via the employees card. In principle, all UT employees should be able to obtain coffee this way. New employee cards should activated for the coffee machines not later than two days after receiving the new card.

A department pass can be requested via the department pass web form and will be assessed by the director of operations or the director of the service department. The following departments may apply for passes:

  • Department/service department secretary's offices
  • Faculty Offices/Staff
  • Service Desks

The form below can be used for the application.

The following details must be provided on the form:

  • Department
  • Contact person; the pass will be issued in the name of this person

In the case of a fault and/or loss, this should be reported to immediately. The pass will then be blocked.


To date, it has not been possible from a software perspective to use the passes to fill the jugs with coffee or (tea) water. Special jug keys will therefore be issued. Jug keys will only be issued to secretary's offices. The keys are for the dispensers.

Every secretary's office will receive 1 key, issued via the contact person for the faculty/service department. Loss of a key will require replacement of the lock and all the other keys for this dispenser and the cost will be charged to the faculty/service department (UT internal bank acc. no.). Therefore, please treat the key with extra care.

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