Temperature influencing in buildings (excluding Horst)

The temperature in your workplace can be adjusted, often via a thermostatic radiator valve. That is the most common way of adjusting the temperature. The buildings where this is possible are listed below. Buildings with other options are listed below that. A manual that explains each setting on the thermostat is also available.

Thermostatic radiator valves

  1. BastilleBoerderij BoschChaletCitadelCubicusDrienerburghtErve ‘t HolzikGarageBuilding ALogica (hotel)PakkerijPaviljoenSpiegelSports centre (offices)TempTennis ParkVrijhofWaaierWatersports centreZilverling (offices) Adjusting the temperature via a room thermostatThese buildings have room thermostats on the wall that can be used to adjust the temperature by a few degrees.
  • Charlie: the temperature can be adjusted by + – 2 degrees
  • Zilverling: the temperature can be adjusted by + – 3 degrees in the Xperience-lab Buildings where the temperature cannot be adjusted These buildings have a building management system, which is controlled by the administrator. 
  • Enschede Academy of Visual Arts (ArtEZ)
  • Faculty Club
  • High pressure laboratory
  • Schuur
  • Seinhuis
  • Teehuis 

Responsibility The Service Desk is responsible for adjusting the temperature in the buildings where the temperature is controlled by a building management system. 

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