Roof protocol / roof work


There is a significant risk of falling when working on roofs.

The policy of the University of Twente aims to enable people to work safely. All roofs of the UT have been examined for risks and, where necessary, equipped with fall protection systems to improve people’s safety when working on roofs. However, clear agreements and procedures must be followed to ensure that it remains safe to work on roofs.

Rules for accessing roofs of UT Buildings

The following rules apply to accessing roofs:

  • Only qualified and SCC-certified (Safety Checklist Contractors) personnel may access roofs of UT buildings.
  • In exceptional circumstances supervisors will instruct any non-certified persons. After instructions have been given and the roof protocol (see below) has been signed, these persons must remain within the marked safety zone on the roof.
  • Report to the service desk of the building before and after the work.
  • Defects in the fall protection system must be reported immediately to the service desk of the building.
  • The required personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used where applicable.
  • Work must be coordinated with the maintenance group of the Facilities Services Centre.
  • Upon leaving the roof, the roof access hatch must be closed, if possible.

The use of personal protective equipment, such as a harness with lines, is restricted to authorised certified staff. Only the safe zone of the roof may be accessed without personal protective equipment.


As the UT owns the buildings, the UT is responsible for adequate facilities related to fall protection on the roofs of its buildings. The employer is responsible for the risk assessment related to the work carried out by its employees. The employee is required to stay within the safe zone or use PPE when not in the safe zone.


The contract managers and the EHS coordinator of the Campus & Facility Management deparment are supervisors. They are authorised to instruct non-certified staff on how to safely access the roof. The roof protocol form will be signed by both parties to this end.


For questions or more information, please contact the EHS coordinator from Campus & Facility Management: Henri Holtkamp,, phone no. +31 (0)53 489 5820.

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