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Service Portal: documentation for users and admins

This page contains documentation about the Service Portal for visitors of the pages as well as for admins.

Service Portal status summer 2021

The following service departments have fully moved their department website into the Service Portal: 

Other departments are partly integrated. Upcoming sub projects that have recently started after finishing the evaluation phase:

  • Moving information of Human Resources (HR) to the Service Portal (until fall 2021)
  • Further (functional & technical) development of the Service Portal (until 12/2021)

About the project

This Service Portal project combines different initiatives at the UT, all with the same goal: improving findability of internal service information for employees.

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    • An initiative by LISA (Library, ICT Services and Archive) to improve their department's website (
    • An initiative by the ET faculty to improve their intranet with ET specific and UT general service information
    • An initiative by UCB (directors of service departments) to make important UT topics (cyber safety & privacy, integrity, etc) easily accessible
    • Improving the UT wide service ABC (NL: that had been set up in 2017, coordinated by MC (Marketing & Communication)

    All these individual proposals have been merged into the Service Portal project as they all intend to reach the same goal. The launch was in the summer of 2020.

    In the old situation, we see UT (faculty) members struggling to find internal information because the information for is spread over different locations:

    • UT service department websites (,,, etc) for  support information
    • Employee portal ( with UT wide news/events, specific news for your unit and web applications
    • Intranet of your faculty of service department with specific content for your unit (Human Resources, Financial, Facilities, Research Support, etc)
    • ....

    Therefore the aim of this project is to create one central starting point to find information for employees: the Service Portal. When looking for information, in the improved situation

    • the provided services should be accessible through one central spot
    • no matter if intranet or not
    • no matter if unit-specific or UT wide relevant
    • accessible through a search engine that combines all sources
    • visually recognisable as internal information and
    • information should be sorted in a smart way to present unit-specific information on top when the user of a certain unit logs in.

    Step by step, more internal information will be added to this central spot for employees: the information offered by the various service departments, the employee portal information, stand alone project sites, etc. 

General information (for visitors)

The Service Portal bundles internal information for employees in one spot. As part of the information is also relevant for students and guests, most information is publicly available. The primary language of the Service Portal is English. 

  • Login and personalisation of content


    For employees, after login, the employment unit (your faculty or service department) is displayed, on Desktop computers in the left lower corner below the employee's name. 

    You may see two units and be able to switch between those two, even if you only have one appointment at the UT. A second unit shows up when your name/account is listed in the so-called 'Members Plus' group of a second faculty or service department. 


    Parts of the Service Portal al protected by login and information may be personalised for a certain target group (like employees) or even more specific (per faculty of per building).

    • Some pages are only visible after login
    • Some pages contain protected paragraphs that are only available after login*
    • Some pages personalise/sort the content within the  page in a certain way after login*

    *Protected/personalised elements within pages are marked in yellow with a 'personalised' label:

  • Filter by service department

    You may use the filter on top of the page to reduce items by filtering for a certain service department. This brings you to the 'homepage' for that specific department. Shortcut: or

  • Bookmarking pages

    After login, you can bookmark pages (hit the bookmark this page star on the page) and they will be saved in the bookmark section in the right upper corner (star symbol).

    Items are available in the bookmark section after bookmarking:

  • Voting and feedback options

    When logged in, all service portal items show a voting option on the bottom of the page. You can indicate (always anonymously) if that page helped you by hitting the Yes/No button. When hitting no, you may fill in the additional feedback form. 

    After hitting 'No' you can leave your feedback, anonymously if you prefer:

  • UT topics

    UT Topics are (strategic) dossiers/themes that are important to the UT. The content is in most cases listed outside the Service Portal as the type of information is not ABC like information, but more about organisational developments. Having the information placed outside the Service Portal causes two issues for users of the internal Service Portal information:

    • people do not come across that content regularly, although it might have interesting/important information for them
    • decreased findability: when searching/browsing the Service Portal, information from outside the Service Portal will always be listed lower in search results

    Therefore we keep a list of topics on the Service Portal. The tiles on the UT Topics overview directly show a date for the last update, including the title. Topic overview:

  • Search engine

    The internal search engine will most likely present better results than Google as the internal search presents the following items:

    • Google search results as Google search is the basis for our search engine
    • Internal pages that are only visible for your unit or role (feature only available after login)
    • Content from other systems that Google cannot access (like Osiris course catalogue)
    • Content from other tools UT channels (like UT YouTube, UT Twitter, etc.)
    • Manipulated search results:
      • Frequently requested items are placed higher in the results for better findability, sometimes even as banners:
      • Confusing/ambiguous search terms show banners to point you in the right direction to make sure you find the Microsoft Teams documentation when entering the way to common term ‘teams’

  • English vs Dutch

    The primary language of the Service Portal is English. Many pages come with a Dutch translation:

  • Mobile version

    The Service Portal has a mobile version, but optimising the Service Portal for (small) touch screens was not in scope for the first part of the Service Portal project. The basics should work, but it will be optimised in a second phase of the project.

Contact & feedback

Please use the contact link on top to find the UT departments and service desks that can assist you. There is a central contact page which also lists all contact pages for all service departments (HR, Finances, etc). After accepting cookies the UT feedback flag appears on the right edge of your page and lets you submit (anonymous) feedback.

Information for admins

To understand the information below, you need basic general knowledge about the UT WebHare template. This section only explains features that might be new to you as they have not been used in the general UT website template. 

Topics for Service Portal editors

This section in only available for UT employees:

Topics for the main admin per service department

This access to this section is limited to service department employees (LISA, MC, HR, etc).


Admins of all service departments and faculties that have already joined the Service Portal meet at least monthly. For input or questions, please contact serviceportal (a)

A list of all contacts for all categories will be available soon.

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